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Preschool Kids Match the Jewel


Match the Jewel is a simple yet exciting matching game for preschool kids and older. With 89 different actual existing gems found from around the world, not only does this app teach matching abilities but also their names.
Designed from a parents perspective, there are no buttons or links to confuse the child. There are also no scores or levels, which makes it easy for children to put the game done when the parent says time up.
The colors, design and sound effects have been selected from the viewpoint of keeping children amused.
"Kinderpan" series specifically targets preschool children to learn and enjoy while taken into consideration the parents perspectives. They are all designed to be simple to maneuver yet highly creative aiming to bring joy for children and parents world wide.
* Free download * Contains no advertisements, so children will not be able to leave the confines of the application.